• Booking operates on a first come, first served basis. Places are not guaranteed; they are subject to availability and will ordinarily be allocated via an online booking system. Weekly classes/clubs are payable in advance for a course – “half term” (usually about 6 weeks) *check term dates with us before booking.
  • Refunds/credits are not given once the half-term has started. If you miss a class/club due to sickness or holidays or other circumstances it cannot be refunded, transferred or carried over to the next course. If we have to cancel (e.g. following Government announcement) or make a change to the location or time of a class/club, and you are unable to attend the rearranged session(s), then we will refund you a pro-rata share of your payment which relates to those session(s).
  • Cancellation; if you cancel your place at least one week before the half term begins, we will refund your half-termly fee, but this will be subject to a £5 administration fee. No refunds will be made after this period. If you cancel your place during the half term then no refund can be given.
  • Carers are responsible for their children during all supervised classes and must ensure their behaviour does not affect the well-being or safety of themselves or other children. Resources and lab kits are provided for each attendee for individual use under supervision. Parents and carers are expected to follow the session leader’s instructions.
  • Please avoid snacks during classes—this helps our resources stay clean and avoids any difficulties and allergy risks for other children (milk feeds are allowed for young siblings). *Snack-time will be allocated at the start of any after-school club session.
  • Please avoid the use of mobile phones during classes except for special circumstances. Please do not take photos or videos which include other children without prior permission from the child’s carer.
  • For our virtual lessons we will require you to have your video showing, to allow us to better be able to simulate the face-to-face environment.
  • The Little Science Society Session leaders have public liability cover along with a valid Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) check. We take child protection very seriously and we adhere to a safeguarding policy.


When required, every session will be run in accordance with the applicable UK Government guidelines in relation to COVID-19 (the “UK Government Guidelines”). We also remind parents and carers that they may wear a face covering if they wish, during the session.

You must not attend any of The Little Science Society Sessions if at any time in the past 10 days:

  1. You or your child has tested positive for Covid-19 or has any symptoms described in the NHS COVID-19 Symptoms Guidance; and/or
  2. You or your child, other family members or anyone else that you have been in close contact with has displayed COVID-19 symptoms or has tested positive for the virus.

Our Responsibility:

Although we will take every reasonable measure to limit COVID-19 infections, The Little Science Society does not accept any responsibility if you and/or your child becomes unwell following our session.

Bookings and cancellations:

If any of The Little Science Society sessions/clubs are canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic official Government Announcement then we will refund a pro-rata share of the payment which relates to any outstanding sessions in that period/term.

Whilst we will do everything, we can to make our classes and clubs safe comfortable and enjoyable, should you decide that you cannot continue to attend pre booked sessions (*schools and nurseries – decide to suspend/cancel clubs run by The Little Science Society after the cancelation period) we cannot issue a refund/credit as the place has already been held, time has been allocated and resources have been purchased and prepared for the term.