Science Academy

Science Academy classes are activity-lead sessions, full of hands-on science for primary-school-age children. Activities are planned and delivered in conjunction with KS1 and KS2 Science National Curriculum. The programme intends to enhance children’s existing knowledge and conceptual understanding. It will also help to fill the gaps in scientific knowledge, clarify misconceptions and obtain or improve scientific enquiry skills.

Children who attend our Science Academy regularly will be able to explore the world around them and raise their own questions. They will experience different types of scientific enquiries, including practical activities and begin to recognise ways in which they might answer scientific questions. They will use simple features to compare objects, materials and living things and will be able to decide how to sort and group them, observe changes over time, and, with guidance, they should begin to notice patterns and relationships.

Children will practise simple measurements and learn how to use equipment correctly (for example, hand lenses, pipettes etc). They will have a chance to gather data, carry out simple tests, record simple data, and talk about what they have found out and how they found it out. With help, they will record and communicate their findings in a range of ways and begin to use simple scientific language. Children will be equipped to transition to Key Stage 3 and exceed their peers in terms of attainment.

Classes are suitable for 4-11 years old children, and currently run on Saturdays at 11:30 am at Tiny Town Herne Bay.
Westmeads Community Infant School After-school Science Club runs on Mondays  and Tuesdays (for the school’s pupils only).

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