Monika’s story:

Having grown up with a father who is an animal lover as well as many summers spent on my Grandmother’s farm, I have fond memories of escapades into the forest and local shores to investigate all sorts of living creatures. This installed a curiosity and appreciation of the natural world in me from the early age, and fuelled the passion for sciences in my later life. In 2018 I have become a mum of a very inquisitive girl who loves exploring new environments, taking part in group activities and most of all needs constant stimulation to ‘nourish’ her developing brain.

I am also a qualified Science Teacher with history of working in the secondary education industry over the last decade. I have completed Master’s degree focused on Innovation and Change in Education. Working in a secondary school, I was surprised that many children had inadequate knowledge of basic scientific concepts and completely lack in scientific enquiry skills. Sadly, very few pupils had been exposed to the natural sciences prior their school years. With this in mind I had my Eureka moment….And the idea for The Little Science Society was born – Introducing toddlers to the opportunity of developing scientific skills and the understanding of concepts they can build upon before entering Key Stage 1 science curriculum in their primary schools. Our job at the LSS is to create little, budding scientists

The Classes

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